You are about to discover how to gain
admission into BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) this 2017/2018 session. So pay
100% attention to every information you get from me and make sure you read this
article from the beginning to the end, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by
sentence and word by word. If you miss a single line in any of the paragraphs
you may miss the most important information that will help you gain admission
Before I continue let me seize this
opportunity to welcome you to My School Admission. We assist students from all
over the country to secure admission into higher institution every year. Last
year we were able to assist over fifty thousand (50,000) students with
admission into Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. This year
our target is to secure admission for one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000)
students into their various choices of institutions. This is what we do and all
our students are always admitted into their choice of institution as we are the
best when it comes to admission assistance.
If you have been writing JAMB
without gaining admission you have come to your last bus stop. Your admission
is 100% guaranteed this 2017/2018 session and if this is your first JAMB
experience then you are the luckiest BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) aspirant
as you have found solution and answer to all your prayers from God. We will
help you process your admission and make sure you are admitted this year at all
cost. Thousands of students are deprived and denied admission every year not
because they didn’t perform well in JAMB and Post-UTMES, but because they did
not have connection with academic body like My School Admission to help them
through their admission. We are here for you to help you with everything you
need to make your admission a success this year. You can leverage on us to
bring about the realization of your admission into BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY
(BIU) this year. 

We assist our candidates to secure
admission easily in two ways.
1: Post-UTME past questions and
solution manual. After JAMB you must get the Benson Idahosa University (biu)
post-UTME past questions and solution and start practicing seriously before the
post-UTME date will be fixed. We have the original Benson Idahosa University
(biu) post-UTME past questions and solution manual that we provide to all our
candidates that want us to help them secure admission for 2017/2018 session.
The past question and solution manual cost just a token of N1000.
2: Register for My School Admission
Assistance to enable us help you follow up your admission and secure admission
for you this 20172018 session. We have many candidates seeking our assistance
as regard admission this year and it is only those that register with us that
we work with.
You must first identify
with us as our candidate by registering with us for admission assistance before
you will be considered for admission assistance, without which we cannot help
you with your admission. Admission assistance registration is N2000. You feel
your form and make payment of N2000 for registration into our bank account to
validate your registration. After that we start processing your admission.
Most of you, including your very
self make this huge mistake of believing that you can easily write and pass BENSON
IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) Post-UTME because you pass UTME easily. It doesn’t
work that way. There is a very big difference between JAMB and POST-UTME, most
especially BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) post-UTME. In JAMB questions are set
in line with your secondary school curriculum and marking scheme, but in
Post-UTME the questions are not the same and the marking scheme is totally
different. The question will be so confusing that even if you know the answers
to the questions you will not be too sure if you are Wright or wrong, because
it will be coined in a logical manner that require your logical and cognitive
domain, ( Cognitive domain refers to your ability to reason very deep for more
clarity to comprehend the question).
The only way to prepare for BENSON
the questions of all the Post-UTME s held in BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU)
since the inception of Post-UTME. With the past question I guaranty you 100%
success at the end of your examination. Another mistake that most of you make
is that you don’t make hay while the sun shine, you like looking for miracle at
the eleventh hour. What I mean is that you don’t do the right thing early; you
do it late, when all hope is almost lost. Some of you know that you need the
past question but you will wait until the week you are going to write the BENSON
IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) Post-UTME before you get it and at the end of the day
you find yourself not performing well in the exam despite the fact that you
have the past question. The truth is; there is no how you can perform
excellently well when you get the past question at the late hour. You must have
covered the past question for at least three times before the examination, with
that I can assure you that you will pass well and merit your admission on your
own without having to stress yourself.
You may be wondering why I am laying
more emphasis on this. Last year I had about two thousand two hundred (2,200)
candidates and I ask every one of them to obtain the past question early, but
most of them thought I was preaching while some got it early and start
preparing for the exam, and the rest of them got it very late. After the
Post-UTME only five percent (5%) out of all the 2,200 candidates were able to
merit admission and those were the people that got the past question early. The
rest of them wasted their money, time and effort to come for the Post-UTME and
go back. Those that failed as a result of not getting the past question on time
realize their mistake and I did not have to tell them what to do to pass the
exam and gain admission into BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) this year because
they have been calling me to get the past question and answer manual for
themselves and their friends. If you are wise you will make sure you get the
past question now and start reading intensively ahead.
Some of you are so lazy that you
find it very hard to open your past question manual to study after getting it.
Let me make you understand how those that are successful after the BENSON
IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) Post-UTME gain admission; they did not just get all
the necessary materials and hang them in their library shelve to design their
room, they rather read the materials until the materials becomes rough and old
looking so unclean. Life Is not all about what you have but what you do with
it. On the other hand, it is not all about getting the past question and answer
manual but how you make efficient use of it.
Let not your heart be troubled, you
should see yourself as a bonafide student of the almighty BENSON IDAHOSA
UNIVERSITY (BIU) because you now have access to get the past question manual.
Start preparing yourself for school. Get all the materials you need for school
next academic session. What you should have in mind is that you are now an
undergraduate. Start living in it. When I say you should start living in it, I
mean you should start living and behaving like a student. Start making plans on
how your experience is going to be like in your first semester in BENSON
IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU). If you don’t have all the things you need for school
yet then its time you start getting them one after the other because there is
no how you will get the BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) Post-UTME past
questions and answers now and also register for My School Admission Assistance
without gaining admission this 2017/2018 session.

It is very important for you to also know that this opportunity
is only open for this week. Once we have up to 150,000 registrations we close
entry for BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) admission for 2017/2018. This is why
most BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) aspirants that seek for our assistance
late don’t always get our attention because we can’t go beyond our capacity for
each year.

Your admission into BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) is 100%
guaranteed. We will handle everything for you and make everything easy for you.
Most times my colleagues get jealous because they believe My School Admission
is the best in terms of BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) admission assistance.
They say I feel too pompous because I run the best admission assistance
organization. I feel good anytime I hear them say this because they make me
realize how far we have affected so many students’ lives positively and put
smiles on the faces of thousands of BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) aspirants.
You have no reason to fear or border yourself any more as we are
here to help you gain admission into BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) this year.
If you know anybody or have any friend that participated in the current JAMB
seeking for admission, please do such fellow a favor by introducing him/her to
My School Admission help desk. By so doing he or she will forever be indebted
to you. Your time is here and now. There is no more struggling for you. There
is no more JAMB wahala. There is no more admission failure. There is no more
weeping. No more tears. Your admission is guaranteed.

Let me also seize this opportunity to congratulate you in
advance and welcome you on campus. You are now an undergraduate. Start acting
like one. Tell your parents/guardian, friends and well wishers that you are now
a student of BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY (BIU) and start getting all the things
you need for school this year.
The past questions and solutions manual cost N1000 while
admission assistance registration is N2000 making sum total of N3000. To make
it very easy you can pay just a token of N2000 for the both. But if you want to
register for the admission assistance alone you pay N2000, and if you want to
get the past questions and solutions manual alone you pay N1000 into the bank
account below.
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  3081232304
BANK NAME:                FIRST BANK LTD

After payment, Send your Name, Your phone number, Bank Teller Number, Your
Course title ( I mean the department you apply for), faculty, name of school,
Your valid email address (e.g
if you don’t have an email please indicate that you don’t have so that I can
create one for you. Where you are suppose to put your email address just put
“NO EMAIL” to 09098005045.
receiving your message and your payment is confirmed the past question will be
sent to your email within 24 hours. And if you don’t have a valid email address
we will create one for you and send you the email address and password via text
message so that you can access your purchased manual.
To your
academic Success

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