What is Ebsu JAMB cut off mark for 2017/2018
admission? Will I be admitted if my score is not up to 180? These are the
questions Ebsu aspirants keep asking when they call our help desk. Some call to
ask for cut off mark of medicine and surgery, cut off mark of nursing science,
accounting, banking and finance, Economics and so on. We are able to provide
valid information to all their questions and I believe you will not only get
answer to your questions, but also get solution to your admission struggle this
year. Your admission is 100% guaranteed. We will help you with everything you
need and make sure you are admitted into Ebsu this year.

You are about to discover how to gain admission into
Ebsu even if your score is below 180 you will also be admitted. So pay 100%
attention and make sure you read this article from the beginning to the end,
paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence and word by word. If you miss a
single line in any of the paragraphs you may miss the most important
information that will help you gain admission into Ebsu this year. 
Before I continue let me seize this opportunity to
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Back to the mean topic of discussion which is “WHAT
IS EBSU JAMB CUT OFF MARK FOR 2017/2018 ADMISSION” like everybody is asking.
This is what you want to know and this is exactly the big question ringing in
your head and nothing else matter because you are so curios to know your status
as regard admission and admission screening for the 2017/2018 academic session.
As usual JAMB cut off mark for qualification into all tertiary institution is
180. Although it changes sometimes to 190 and above depending on the department
and faculty, but for this year the cut off mark is 180 for universities and 150
for polytechnics as stated from the interview session recently held with some
of the top JAMB officials. That does not mean every departmental cut off mark
is 180. As usual some department cut off mark will be higher than the other
because of the high number of aspirants aspiring for the course. 
We have two categories of aspirants. The first
categories of aspirants are those who score 180 and above in JAMB while the 2nd
category are those who score between 150 and 179 in JAMB. We help the first
categories of students to secure admission into their chosen department due to
their ability to score up to JAMB cut off mark. Their preferred course of study
will be offered while the 2nd categories of students will be offered
admission into either their department or any other available departments as
the case may be. Most students in the 2nd categories are not always
offered their most preferred course as a result of the low JAMB performance.
Nevertheless they are still admitted instead of staying back home to retake JAMB
without hope of gaining admission the following year.
I believe I have answered that question in the
paragraph above. We help those that score below 180 to secure admission too
provided your score is not below 150. If your score is below 150 then there is
nothing we can do to help you. We work admission for these categories of
students through our supplementary admission list. So far so good we have been
using this method to help as many students as we can to gain admission into
Ebsu over the years and it has never failed anyone who meet up to the terms and
conditions. If you score is from 150 above you are qualified.
wants to be admitted and the truth is we cannot help everybody. There are
millions of students out there seeking for admission this year. Some will be
chosen while others will not. We are only here to play our role to assist you
and others that have the privileged to contact us for admission assistance. We
have our set goals and objectives to actualize our vision which is to help
150,000 students secure admission into higher institutions this year. You have
a role to play and we also have our quota to fulfill to bring about the
realization of your admission into uncial this year.

That’s a very good question. Where there are no
rules abuse is inevitable. Below are our terms and conditions for Ebsu admission
1.     You
must first identify with us as our student by registering with us for admission
assistance before you will be considered for admission assistance, without
which we cannot help you with your admission.
2.     You
must enter your correct information when filling your registration form.
3.     If
you enter fake/false information to increase your score or 0.level result grade
you will be disqualified if we go through your details and discover that you
provided fake details.
4.     Your
0.level result must be complete with at least five credits grade including
Mathematics and English Language.
5.     Your
JAMB result must be the current (2017) UTME
6.     Your
score must be 150 above. If your score is less than 150 you are not qualified.
7.     After
filling your registration form you must make your registration payment within
48 hours. Failure to make payment results to termination of your registration
with us.
8.     Finally,
after payment call our help desk for confirmation to complete your registration
and validate your submitted details.

It is very important
for you to also know that this opportunity is only open for this week. We have
more than 40,000 students registering every day and once we have up to 150,000
registrations we close entry for this year Ebsu admission. This is why most
Ebsu aspirants that seek for our assistance late don’t always get our attention
because we can’t go beyond our capacity for each year.

If you must be
admitted into Ebsu then this is the right time for you to do all what you have
to do to secure your admission. Anything and everything you do after now might
be too late. Make hay while sun shines. The categories of Ebsu aspirants that
always regret their action are those who wait to see if they will be admitted
or not before registering. What we tell such students is to apply for JAMB the
next year and register with us early when others are registering. If you miss
this registration now you have missed it all and there is nothing anybody can
do about it.
Forget about whatever
anybody is saying and do what you must do now to secure your admission. Life is
all about choice. The choice you make today will determine your future. If you
desire to be in school this year then it is important that you register today
before registration closes in few days from now.
Your admission into
Ebsu is 100% guaranteed. We will handle everything for you and make everything
easy for you. Most times my colleagues get jealous because they believe My
School Admission is the best in terms of Ebsu admission assistance. They say I
feel too pompous because I run the best admission assistance organization. I
feel good anytime I hear them say this because they make me realize how far we
have affected so many students’ lives positively and put smiles on the faces of
thousands of Ebsu aspirants.

You have no reason to
fear or border yourself any more as we are here to help you gain admission into
Ebsu this year. If you know anybody or have any friend that participated in the
current JAMB seeking for admission, please do such fellow a favor by
introducing him/her to My School Admission help desk. By so doing he or she
will forever be indebted to you. Your time is here and now. There is no more
struggling for you. There is no more JAMB wahala. There is no more admission
failure. There is no more weeping. No more tears. Your admission is guaranteed.

Let me also seize this
opportunity to congratulate you in advance and welcome you on campus. You are
now an undergraduate. Start acting like one. Tell your parents/guardian,
friends and well wishers that you are now a student of Ebsu and start getting
all the things you need for school this year. There is no how you participate
in My School Admission yearly admission assistance program this year without
gaining admission into Ebsu.
What are you waiting
for? Click the registration link below to register now and embrace this great

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