Alvan Ikoku 2nd Batch Degree Admission List (UTME/DE) 2016/2017 Is Out

The Alvan Ikoku College of Education 2016/2017 2nd admission list for Degree courses has been released.

To check the names of admitted candidates, visit links below: Alvan Ikoku 2nd Batch Degree (UTME) Admission List

Alvan Ikoku 2nd Batch Degree (DE) Admission List

Please note that Acceptance fees are expected to be paid within 3 weeks of the publication date (22nd November 2016) to avoid forfeiting the offer of admission.

If you check your admission status and you are
not admitted please don’t waste your time hoping your name will be out in the
subsequent lists. Most times it does not and this has been the challenge of
most aspirants. Move ahead of others and obtain your IJMB form which is the
best thing you can ever do. With that your mind will be at rest because your
admission into 200 level is certain.
Last year we help all
our aspirants who did not score up to 180 (JAMB general cut off mark) to gain
straight admission into 200Level without JAMB. It was like a dream to all of
them. In fact I call it dream come true. It was so easy and stress free. We
also help those who couldn’t make it through admission screening. We were able
to do this through “IJMB” and it was a huge success for all of the
aspirants. Most of them were not
aware of IJMB until we introduced IJMB to them, and if you are
also a novice to IJMB then you should thank your God for coming across this information
today. I believe you must have been seeing some advert on internet, news papers
and posters that you can gain admission to study any course of your choice in
your school of choice without JAMB. All this adverts are channel to IJMB and
that is what most parents and guidance that are smart are doing this days to
help their children graduate from school just within 3years. 
That is a very
important question. If you are not familiar with IJMB before now you have
nothing to worry about. I will try as much as I can to be very explicit so you
can comprehend what IJMB is all about. The full meaning of IJMB is Interim Joint Matriculation Board (I.J.M.B). 
I.J.M.B is a program moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. IJMB is
accepted in all the Universities in Nigeria. The primary objective of IJMB is
to make it possible for students to gain direct admission into 200level without
Joint Admission Matriculation Board (J.A.M.B) examination. I’ll not be wrong to
say I.J.M.B is designed to ameliorate problems of admission for candidates
seeking admission into Nigeria University instead of JAMB.
That is another good
question. To be sincere with you, this is what most parents and students ask
when they call our help desk. IJMB looks too good and yet a lot of people don’t
know this. How come are we still writing JAMB when there are better ways to
gain admission into 200 level to study any course of our choice? Some people
said they have heard of IJMB before but it was not well explained like we
explain it here on Myschooladmission. IJMB IS REAL! IJMB IS NOT SCAM!! IJMB IS
GENUINE!!! Here are some of the testimonies we received from those that we
 I was introduce to
IJMB program by a friend. At first, i thought it was a scam but as time goes
on, i decided to give it a trial and to my surprise, i figured out that IJMB is
real. I travelled to Ilorin approved center to do the program at GRADEPOINT
CITADEL OF ADVANCED STUDIES. I scored 12points. My admission processing was
handled by the school and right now, i’m in University Of Ilorin @ 200 level
(08181878092). MAKINDE SERAH
 I have written JAMB
many times and have failed. My parents were disappointed in me. I was extremely
confused about my life. I was browsing on the internet one day and I came
across IJMB. My parents first disagree with it saying how can i travelled down
to Ilorin, a state where I don’t know anyone and what is the prove that the
program is even genuine? They followed me down to Ilorin to see if IJMB SCHOOL
program is real or not. At the end of everything, it was found out to be true.
I did the program and i scored 8points. Currently i’m @ 200 level in UNILORIN
studying “Food and Nutrition”. GRADEPOINT POINT took care of that.
(08034702676). FEYISARA

“I want to say a very
big THANK YOU to Myschooladmission for exposing the public to IJMB. When my
brother came across IJMB on Myschooladmission website he told me about it and I
pick interest in it immediately. He said he is not sure if it is real and he is
not going to do what he is not sure of. I went ahead and bought the form and
travel to my center at Ilorin for the program. My brother did not gain
admission last year after the Post-UTME screening in Uniben and now he is among
the first people that got IJMB form this year because he realized IJMB is real
and tired of JAMB. Now I’m a 200 level student of University of Lagos
“I did not believe it
will work this way. I just decided to get IJMB form out of frustration after
writing Post-UTME three(3) times. I was so anxious of going to school and I was
tired of staying at home while my mates are graduating from school. I just
wanted to leave home by all means. I left for Ilorin to do the program
amaze when I receive my admission letter in University of Ibadan. I was very
happy when I went home to invite my parent for my matriculation ceremony
because I couldn’t face the insult my mum insults me every day because of my
inability to gain admission. Thanks to IJMB, Kudos to GRADEPOINT CITADEL
OF ADVANCED STUDIES and glory to God. PROUDLY 200 LEVEL UI (University of
Ibadan) I rep U.I
We have our IJMB
Our center is situated in Ilorin, Kwara
State at NO 27, New Yidi Road, Irewolede, Opposite Sawmill. Here in GRADEPOINT
CITADEL ADVANCE STUDIES, we have veteran lecturers that impact our IJMB
students according to the IJMB syllabus. We make provision for accommodation
and everything you need during the program. We are the best to handle your IJMB
There is no entrance examination before admission. IJMB is not like JAMB that
requires series of examinations before being considered for admission. When you
register with IJMB you are automatically a 1000 level student without JAMB. The
program last the period of 8months after which you will be issued the
certificate to study the course you apply for in any University in Nigeria.
During this period you will be receiving lectures. You will be thought all the
100 level courses of your fdepartment. All these are put together to help you
get acquainted with the university environment and curriculum which is where
your course outline and syllabus is deduced. After undergoing the program for
8months you will be certified to study your course in any of the Universities you
chose as your choice of institution. IJMB is accepted in all private
Universities in Nigeria.
Registration is N10,000. Lecture has started and all your course
mates and colleagues are already receiving lectures. Hurry up with your registration
and join the rest of your course mates as registration will close any moment
from now. Do your registration now before it becomes too late. 
After registration
pack your bags, shoes and everything you need for school and join the rest of
your colleagues and start receiving lectures. 
Over the years we have
been helping students with admission and the problem most of you have is the
failure to take action as at when necessary. Some of the aspirants that had the
opportunity to gain admission into 200 level with IJMB and fail to embrace the
opportunity last year all regret and blame themselves for not applying last
year. They did not wait for anyone to explain the need for them to apply for
IJMB this year. In fact they are the first set of people to apply like the
issue illustrated in one of the testimony above. It will be foolish of you to
refuse to embrace IJMB simply because your friend is asking you not to since he
or she is not. If you are so addicted to JAMB without a pre-knowledge of IJMB,
now you know and now is the time for you to say no to JAMB and yes to IJMB.
Enough of the JAMB failure and frustration. If your parent is doubting ask them
to come to the school with you for prove if need be. There is no excuse for you
to remain at home again this year. By now you should be tired of staying at
home while others graduate from school with the help of IJMB.

Click the link below
to register and join others. Like they say “delay is dangerous” and not only
that, it is also deadly. 
Congratulations, I
personally welcome you on campus. Start telling your friends that you are
leaving for school within the next few days as you prepare to join the rest of
your course mates. You are automatically admitted immediately you do your
registration and what is left for you is to come and resume lectures. Remember
I told you earlier on that lecture has started and by February 2017 you are
through and ready to start from 200 level in your school of choice. IJMB is the
only way you can gain admission into 200 level to study the course you want
within this short period of time. Only IJMB can help you graduate within
3years. If you are looking for an easy way to gain admission without having to
go through all the hustle and struggle of JAMB and Admission screening then
IJMB is all you need. IJMB is the answer to all your academic struggle. It is
the solution to your admission struggle and I assure you that in few months
from now you will call your family and friends to come and celebrate your
matriculation with you.

I almost forget to
tell you this; start living in it. I mean you should start living like a
student because there is no how you do your registration without gaining
admission. You are no more a dumb head like some say their parents call them.
You are now an undergraduate, because IJMB has made that a reality. You have no
excuse or whatsoever to remain at home this year. This is your time and the
season for you to go to school has come. Tell your Mum, tell your Dad and
siblings that you are resuming school next week. It is as simple as that with
the help of IJMB. We are hoping to see you resume lectures as soon as possible.
So do your registration today and pay your registration fee of N10,000
now before registration closes. 
Hurry up and join us
before we go too far with lectures. Once again congratulations as we hope to
see you soon.

Copy the account detail below to make your payment

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3081232304

For further information and clarification you can call or add us on whatsapp

 click on the registration icon below to do your online registration now!

To your admission

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