UNICAL 2016/2017 1st Batch And 2nd Batch Admission list And Supplementary Form Is Out.

We all know the anxiety prospective students of the University Of Calabar, Calabar (UNICAL) are facing concerning this year’s admission, the questions everyone is asking are;

– When is unical releasing her admission list?
– When is unical releasing her departmental cut off marks?
– is supplementary form out?
– What of those with awaiting results (NECO). etc

I am pleased to inform you all that the University Of Calabar 2016 admission list is out offline. 

kindly come down to school locate the office of your HOD ask to check your name on the admission the secretary of your HOD will ask for your name and screening score and check the list for you, NO RESTRICTION at all so feel free!

In the same way the Supplementary of the University Of Calabar, Calabar is out offline I came to know yesterday the 28th of October, 2016 (I have been checking my Facebook group members names in the admission list here in school and many have been admitted) but yesterday when I went to check for one lady miss. 

Vicky with screening score of 57 in the HOD office of medical lab science, this was the reply from the secretary; “Sorry to inform you, the candidate was not admitted into the medical lab science degree programme” I said thank you and requested when Unical will release the 2nd batch I was shocked when she said “The University Of Calabar 1st and 2nd batches admission lists are out and they will be no more list except that of Supplementary.” 

I was kinda confused and I asked is the form out? I was surprised by the response “The University Of Calabar, Calabar supplementary form is out for the following faculties; Agriculture, Sciences and Education Sciences, the advertised courses in Agriculture faculty are;
– Agric Economics
– Agric Extension
– Animal Science
– Crop Science
– Soil Science
– Forestry and Wildlife
– Food Science and Technology, etc.

Before I could ask further Dr. Ben H. Aloma (Deputy Head Administrator, University Of Calabar) walked in, I stood up but he asked me to sit and i again sat and I greeted him and then he asked why I was there I told him and he said I am welcomed. 

I went further and ask him how much for the supplementary form, Dr. Ben said N2,000 and I asked how can one purchase it and he said “interested candidates are advised to visit the offices of their various HODs and check their admission status and if not admitted and still wish to study in the university of calabar, they should request for supplementary form in their HOD office. 

It is being sold for N2000 only, pay, collect and fill it there immediately submit and go, you will require to change to a lower course, the available related courses would be given to you to chose and the rest” and I went further to ask when they would upload the list he only said “as soon as possible” and I left and also updated my group members on that and many were rendering curses on Unical, saying so many things but I understood them perfectly. 

I was also told that food science and technology is filled already this means the form has been on sale offline for a long time now.

If you are one of the NECO 2016 candidates and are yet to submit their results kindly come down to the school with your result submit it in zellence office, they would update your result and you’d have a new screening score, this has been on for quite a long time now and i have no idea when it would stop i will advise you do this as soon as possible.

Medicine => 75 Merit, 73 Locality, 71 ELDs


Radiography => 70 Merit, 65 Locality, 63 ELDs

Med Lab => 68 Merit, 64 Locality, 63 ELDs

(request for your dept cut off when you come to your HOD office, they will tell you as soon as possible.)

I advised all prospective students of the University Of Calabar, Calabar to come down to school as soon as possible and check your admission status if not admitted then purchase the supplementary form it’s sold for N2000 only.

I was not given a specific date the list would be uploaded but I believe November won’t pass before it would uploaded and don’t say because it’s November let me wait instead of wasting my transport money.

Please sister and brother wait no more hurry down to school and know your fate and the next step to take if you don’t want to stay at home for extra 1 year because no one know when the sales of supplementary form would stop, UNICAL is known for selling of supplementary form secretly is when the list is out that is when she would make it known or post it on her website and i believe that is what she is doing this year, wait no more take bold take now, thanks

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