Are you a BSU aspirant seeking for
information on when the BSU admission list will be released? Have you been
surfing the net for information about the BSU 2016/2017 admission list? Or did
you participate in the Admission Screening and you are not sure of making the merit
list? Are you just worried and anxious to know if you have been admitted into
BSU or not? Let not your heart be trouble, We will provide you with answer to
all the questions running through your mind, proffer solution to all your
problems and give you the very best information on what you must do to gain
admission into BSU this academic session. So take time to read this article
word to word, sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph from the beginning
to the end. If you miss any line in any of the paragraphs you may miss the most
important information you need.

    A whole lot of people have been calling our
help desk lately as regard the release of the BSU 2016/2017 admission list.
Some said they heard a rumor that the BSU admission list has been released
while some said they got the information that the BSU admission list will be
release this week and so on and so forth. The rumor came up as a result of the
curiosity and hunger of all the aspirants out there including yourself to know
their fate and the chance you stand to gain admission. It is a good thing you
want to know if the BSU admission list has been release or not, and I also
congratulate you for coming this far.

    There are some things that need to be put
in place before the release of the BSU admission list. You don’t just expect
the list immediately after the Admission Screening exercise. There are
protocols to be observed and guidelines to follow for everything to work fine.
You may be wondering what I mean by protocol in the process of the admission
list. This is not a secondary school test or examination that can be evaluated
within two days and thereafter have the list of those to be promoted to the
next class the following day. After the Admission Screening exercise the
aspirants are evaluated according to their performance in JAMB and 0’level
grades which sum up the total point of each candidate. After which each
department make a statistical analysis to know those whose point is higher than
the rest. At this level the department decides the minimum score required for
the merit list. This score is what is referred to as the DEPARTMENTAL CUT OFF
MARK. When every department in all the faculties in the school are done with
the evaluation and decide on their cut off mark, the detail of all the
candidates will be forward to the registry where the registrar take the final
decision. After all these protocols the list of all the aspirants from all the
departments submitted to the registrar will be taken to Abuja for approval.
Once the list is approved it will be published on the school portal, JAMB
websites and some of the National news papers participating with the school.

   I know you are so curious and anxious to
know if the BSU 2016/2017 admission list is out and that is why you are still
reading this information, but before then you need to know everything about the
procedure which is why we are explaining the procedure behind compiling the
list to you. What I’ve been trying to make you understand all this while is
that you should not think or feel that BSU 2016/2017 admission list is taking
too long. I also don’t want you to feel like it is not going to be out anymore
but very soon. As soon as the departmental list is forward to the registrar to
send to Abuja for final approval and it is approved you will definitely be
provided with the BSU 2016/2017 admission list. And in case you come across
this piece after the release of the 1st list please do yourself a whole lot of
good by reading this article till you get to the last word of the last
paragraph without omitting any sentence. Let’s assume BSU is not through with
admission this year which is for real a fact and nothing but true. What you
should be thinking now is what you must do for your name to be in the admission
list. For this reason I decided to enlighten you on the tips and ethics of
making your way into the BSU 2016/2017 admission list. Most of you always ask
me the same question which is “WHAT MUST I DO TO GAIN ADMISSION?” it is very
simple to gain admission into any University as far as I am concern. All what
you need to know is how to enlist your name even when it seem you are not

    For you to gain admission into BSU
this year there are some pre-requisite you have to put in place apart from
participating in the Admission Screening, But before then let me cease this
opportunity to brief you on objectives. What we do is
help students who are seeking admission into BSU to secure admission every year
and so far so good we have been helping thousands of aspirants year in year
out. We stand as a body between JAMB and all tertiary institutions in Nigeria
to help students secure admission into their choice of institution without
stress. With our support and assistance your admission into BSU this year is
100% guaranteed.  
     That is a very good question. At
this point your Admission Screening result determines your next line of action.
Don’t make the mistake of folding your arms and watch to see if there will be a
miracle from above after the screening. Last year a whole lot of Aspirants were
not admitted into the University because they did not apply the right
principles and techniques required to gain admission. They taught they have
arrived because they score high in the Admission Screening. Sometimes your
result does not necessarily mean you will be admitted into the school. There
are some other things you need to put in place for your name to be in the
admission list.

    If you
could remember vividly, a whole lot of people also participated in the BSU Admission
Screening, as a matter of fact thousands of aspirants wants their name in the
admission list of the department you apply for. You may be wondering why I say
thousands because you conducted the Admission Screening with hundreds of other
aspirants not thousands. For your information, as soon as you are through with
the screening 90% of all the BSU aspirants already know that they have failed
and are begging to be given admission in any other department including your
department. So the struggle of gaining admission to study your course is longer
a race for hundreds, it is now a race of thousands. At this point we are at the
second phase of the screening where the school decides who is to be admitted
and who is not to be admitted. For your information, if you believe you will be
admitted because you score high in the BSU Admission Screening and you are not
doing anything in respect to that then you are doing yourself a whole lot of
harm than good.

you make the mistake of waiting for departmental cut off mark before you source
for help, and this was exactly what affected a whole lot of aspirants last
year. When BSU Admission Screening result was released last year most of the
aspirants that scored up to 200 and above were waiting for the departmental cut
off mark to know if their name will be in the admission list or not. Two weeks
after the release of the result they were still waiting, a month after still
waiting, two months after they were yet waiting. Before they knew what was
happening the school was through with admission for the year and there was
nothing anybody can do to help the situation. It is normal for the school to
announce the departmental cut off mark after the Admission Screening result,
but that is not a criteria for selection of those that will be admitted into
the University. The selection starts exactly the last day of the screening. So
stop thinking nothing is happening until the cut off mark is also released.
That mentality will only add you to the category of those that will later
regret not acting early enough. What I am driving at is that departmental cut
off mark sometimes does not determine who is to be admitted or not. So what you
need do is contact us immediately you are through with your screening so that
we can follow up your admission for your name to be enlist in your department
before submitting to the deputy registrar for final documentation.

BATCH ADMISSION LIST: Another silly mistake you people always make is to
believe your name will be out in the 2nd and 3rd batch
admission list. It won’t happen for any reason or whatsoever. Once the first
batch which is the merit list is out, the subsequent list is pure logistics.
When I say LOGISTICS I mean RUNS as you people call it. The standard for
gaining admission does not give room for categories or levels, it is either you
score up to the cut off mark or you are out of it. So don’t waste your time hoping
that someway somehow your name will be out in the second batch. Someone have to
help you follow up your admission so that your name will be among the names
that will be published in the second and 3rd list. That is how it
works as there are no two ways about it. So if you are among those that fall
into this category it is high time you erase that mentality from your head and
face reality. It is all about using what you have to get what you want.
I hate it when I give some of you orientation on what
and how to go about running your admission and you later try to prove smart
along the line. What we do is dump your case and forget about you totally. Four
years ago there was this girl who applied for Computer Science, when it was
time for Post-UMTE someone recommends me to her father for assistance. The man
discussed with me on phone and later came to see me. Along the line he decided
to do it his own way by giving me excuses that he will rather wait until the
first list is released. When the list was out he discovered that his daughter’s
name wasn’t in the admission list and yet he failed to call me with the hope
that his daughter’s name will be out in the 2nd list. When the 2nd
list was out her name wasn’t in the list and before the 2nd list was
released we had already compiled the last list and sent to Abuja for approval.
When he started bombarding me with calls and text messages to add his
daughter’s name in the 3rd list, then I told him to source for help
somewhere else as there was nothing I could do at that point. He traveled all
the way from Ibadan to see me but then it was too late. I advice him to obtain
JAMB form for his daughter the following year and he left. Ever since then the
girl has been writing JAMB every year without scoring up to the cut off mark to
participate in Admission Screening before she later decided to get married this
year out of frustration.
That simple negligence of instruction put an end to
her chance of gaining admission for life. This may be your one and only chance of
gaining admission, so you have to do all you can to make sure you are admitted
this year. She wasn’t the only one that year, many of them like that were also
victimize. Year after year a whole lot of aspirants make this same mistake of
waiting for the 2nd and 3rd list and at the end of the
day they have to apply for JAMB again and again. This is your time and now is
the time to follow up your admission. If you chose to wait for the next
admission list you might not be able to work it out later. If you really must
be admitted this year it is a must you start running your admission now.

We have been working admission for students for several years now and the
category of aspirants that does not always gain admission are those that either
have one Uncle or Aunt as a lecturer or staff of the school. Sometimes you
people think having a family in the school guaranty your admission. NO! It does
not happen that way, the fact that he or she is a lecturer does not guaranty
your admission because you will end up writing JAMB the following year. The
reason is because it is not every lecturer that can help you gain admission and
even those that know how to go about it still come to us to help them with
their candidates.

This is what I mean, after the screening we start
working on all our candidates to make sure they all gain admission, but your
Uncle/Aunt on the other hand will be waiting for the supplementary list when
he/she can beg to add a name out of the hundreds of names submitted to him/her
from friends and family members like you to be included in any of the available
space after all other aspirants that are connected to us have been given
admission in the previous lists. The probability of you gaining admission is
zero (0). He/she will only be given the opportunity to submit just one name out
of the hundreds of names he/she has. One will be chosen and the rest of you
will have to put in for JAMB the following year. That is why anytime some of
you call and say you have an uncle in the school running your admission for
you, all we do is ask you to either get a Pre-degree/JAMB form or a diploma
form because you will be disappointed at the end of the day.

   I don’t
want you to see this as a do or die affair, but sometimes you have to take
issues like this very serious because if you don’t gain admission now you might
never become a graduate throughout your life time. The admission list is not
out yet and all you owe yourself is to do exactly what is needed of you and
your admission is 100% guaranteed. To be sincere with you we have a whole lot
of people begging to help them secure admission this year, almost double of the
number of candidates we had last year which imply that this year is going to be
very competitive. On the other hand it is first come, first serve. Maybe you
come across this post late and you don’t know what to do just contact us

is the solution to all your heart aches and fears that wear you down. We are
not bragging or feeling pompous, It is the assurance we have and the prestige
we work so hard to build over the years. We are the best and most reliable
source to help you gain admission into BSU this year. When people ask us why we
go through all this labour to help students achieve their dreams we tell them
that we are doing these to add values to lives and promote education which is
the best legacy to a born child. We are affecting peoples’ lives positively,
giving lives meaning. We are making what used to be the biggest challenge in
the lives of many a long forgotten issue and history as the case may be. Last
year we help about Two thousand six hundred aspirants to gain admission into BSU.
This is your time and this is your season. The level of attention you pay to
every tips and advice you get from this information and how you put them to
work will determine whether you will gain admission into BSU this year or not.
Mind you it is not a must for everybody to be admitted this year, but those
that are ready and willing to go any length to make sure they are in school
this year will be among the ratio of those that will smile at the end of this
long journey because many are called but few are chosen.

N/B: Please don’t bother yourself to call our help
desk if you are not ready to follow up your admission now. Just ignore
everything you’ve read and pretend as if you never come across this vital
information. We are not ready for story tellers. We work for those that know
what they want and go for it. We work for those that take immediate action not

The information you provide will be use to fill your form, so make sure you
provide your valid information.
If you are wise you will get a pen and copy out the information below for .
 1. Your name             (The way it appear on your JAMB
2. JAMB registration number. 3. JAMB score 4. Course title 5. Admission
Screening score 6. Average score 7. Name of institution   (BSU)
8. Examination type    (WAEC/NECO)
9. Examination season            (May/June
or Nov/December)
10. Examination number 11. Examination year
12. Subjects and grades          (e.g
English Language C5, Mathematics B2)
13. Number of sittings            (Indicate
if it is 1 or 2 sittings)
14. If you are using awaiting result please indicate.
15. State of origin 16. Local government 17. Date of birth 18. Phone number
19. Name of parent/Guardian 20. Parent/Guardian phone number.
To your academic success

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