Are you an Obong University aspirant hopefully and
patiently waiting for the forth coming Obong University 2016/2017 POST-UTME
screening? Are you looking forward to the date of the Post-UTME and yet don’t
have valid information as regard that? If you have been surfing the internet
for information on when Obong University 2016/2017 Post-UTME will hold and how
to do your registration then I congratulate you because you are at the right
place. And I assure you that this is the best thing that will ever happen to
you in the history of your academic race as we will make everything easy for
you and help you gain admission into Obong University this year. So my advice
for you is to read this Post from one line to the next and paragraph to
paragraph because if you miss a single sentence in the article you might miss
the most important information that will help you succeed.

Obong University Post-UTME is usually schedule exactly two months after the
release of UTME result, the reason for the two months delay after UTME is
simply because JAMB as a body regulating admission of all the University and
tertiary institutions in Nigeria, including Obong University have to send the
information of all the candidates that are eligible and qualify to participate
in the post-UTME for that year, which means those that score up to the
Post-UTME cut off mark for that year to their various choice of institution
before they give every school the go ahead to conduct post-UTME and this
normally take JAMB about two months to carry out. That is why when you come to
write your Post-UTME you will see the officials with the original list displaying
your name and other information about you including the passport photograph you
used for your JAMB registration. This original list is referred to as the
MASTER LIST. If by any means your name is not found on the list you are
automatically disqualified and that means you have to wait for another year.
That is why JAMB takes time to compile the list before sending it to the
various schools and I believe you won’t mind waiting for two months after UTME
rather than rushing and find your name missing in the master list.

Obong University Post-UTME last the duration of two (2) to three (3) days, and
the venues are arranged according to the departments and faculties. The venue
and sitting arrangement will be posted on Obong University official website
about ten (10) days before the Post-UTME which I am going to help you with
later. Remember I said the exercise will take two days, the venue and sitting
arrangement will also be made available at the school main gate with directions
on how to locate your venue so that you can identify your examination venue.
You will be given 20minutes grace for those that are perpetual late comers. So
if you arrive at your exam venue exactly 21 minutes after the commencement of
the exam it means you have been disqualified and there is nothing you can do
about it. If you know what is good for you go to the school two hours before
the commencement of your paper so that you can be familiar with the environment
and easily find your way to your venue. Mind you, we start calling names and
arranging all the candidates according to their sit number an hour (1hr) before
the time scheduled to start the examination, so you just must be at the venue
for at least 1:30 minutes before the commencement of the exam.

I know you are curious and anxiously waiting for when I will mention when the Obong
University Post-UTME for 2016/2017 academic session will hold. For now there is
no date yet and I believe I’ve explain why the date has not been fixed yet, as
regards JAMB list and others. We are presently working on that and I believe
that in no distance time we will make a public announcement via the school
website and news papers to inform the public on the date of the Obong
University Post-UTME.

The only way to prepare for Obong University 2016/2017 Post-UTME is to get the OBONG
questions of all the Post-UTME s held in Obong University since the inception
of Post-UTME. With the past question I guaranty you 100% success at the end of
your examination. Another mistake that most of you make is that you don’t make
hay while the sun shine, you like looking for miracle at the eleventh hour.
What I mean is that you don’t do the right thing early; you do it late, when
all hope is almost lost. Some of you know that you need the past question but
you will wait until the week you are going to write the Obong University
Post-UTME before you get it and at the end of the day you find yourself not
performing well in the exam despite the fact that you have the past question.
The truth is; there is no how you can perform excellently well when you get the
past question at the die minute. You must have covered the past question for at
least three times before the examination, with that I can assure you that you
will pass well and merit your admission on your own without having to stress

You may be wondering why I am laying more emphasis
on this. Last year I had about seven hundred (700) candidates and I ask each
and every one of them to obtain the past question early, but most of them
thought I was preaching while some got it early and start preparing for the
exam, and the rest of them got it very late. After the Post-UTME only five
percent (5%) out of all the 700 candidates were able to merit admission and
those were the people that got the past question early. The rest just wasted
their money, time and effort to come for the Post-UTME and go back home while a
later help about 70% of the rest of them to gain admission by follow ups and
logistics. These are the category of candidates that are financially buoyant. 

They pay huge amount of money before they could gain admission which they would
have avoided if they got the past question earlier. And as for those that does
not have the money to run their admission, they lost hope and promise to
prepare well the next year and now they have been calling me to help them to
obtain the past question even before they wrote JAMB. If you are wise you will
make sure you get the past question now and start reading intensively ahead.
What will it benefit you if you are not prepared and you come and write the
exam and fail after spending all your money and precious time? Call me now and
order for your own copy of the Obong University Post-UTME past questions and
answers so that you will be very sure that your admission into Obong University
is sure this year.

Virtually all the people that call to get the past question are very far from
the school environment, most often from other states. So for this reason we
come up with a better way of getting the past question across to every aspirant
across the nation.

 We send the
soft copy of the past question through email. And if you don’t have a valid
email, we will create one for you, send the past question to the email and send
you the email username and password via sms so that you can access the email
and print it to have it in hard copy. 

Let not your heart be troubled as we are here to help you with everything it
takes for you to gain admission into Obong University this year.

A lot of people have been calling to inform me that some persons call them to
inform them that the post-utme form is out that they should send money to their
account as registration is closing the next day. For your information all these
folks are fraudsters and scammer. The form is not on sale for now and neither
is the post-utme date fixed. So if anybody call u and ask you to send money for
registration or anything that has to do with post-utme, don’t mind them. Call
me first for confirmation before you take any step if not you will have
yourself to blame at the end of the day. If you see or hear from a scam you
will know because all they know how to do best is fabricate lies and ask you to
send them money. Don’t fall victim. Like they say; a word is enough for the

You can also add me on whatsapp on 09098005045 where i provide OBONG UNIVERSITY
Aspirants with vital information, updates and everything they need to know to
help them gain admission. so if you don’t have whatsapp on your phone i advice
you to download it and start building up your experience and i assure you that
by the grace of God and your effort put together with my help you will
definitely become a bonafide student of OBONG UNIVERSITY  this year.

If you know that you are not ready to get the past
question now please don’t border to send your detail. After sending your
detail, call the numbers above for further assistance. 
For more vital information and updates on Obong
University Post-UTME for 2016/2017 academic session visit our website on
and like our facebook page to get answers to all your question with other
aspirants via the link below.  We teach
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To your academic success.

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