Dear UNAB aspirant, are you looking for where to get
the UNAB Post-UTME past questions and solution manual? Have you search for the
UNAB post-UTME past question everywhere in your locality and all your effort
prove abortive? Have you gotten a general Post-UTME past question and still
want to get the original UNAB post-UTME past question for only UNAB? Or are you
preparing for the forth coming UNAB post-UTME and you don’t have the best
material to read yet?
If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then I congratulate you
because you are at the right place at the right time.

Take time to read this article from beginning to the
end. Everything you need to know about getting admitted into UNAB and what you
need to do as well as the post-utme past question is embedded within the
paragraphs. If you miss a single line in any of the paragraphs you might miss
the most important information you ever need to succeed academically this year.
This article is the best information you will ever read and I know for sure
that you will call to thank me after reading this post.

If you must gain admission into UNAB this year the
only material you need that will guaranty your admission is the UNAB post-utme
past question and answer. There is no two ways about it. The UNAB post-utme
past question and answer has been tested and proven as the only tool all UNAB
aspirants must have in other to perform well in the post-utme screening and
secure admission. The post-utme past questions manual contains all the
questions of the post-utme(s) held in the previous years. The effect and
importance of the past question manual cannot be over emphasize. The past
question manual will guide you in terms of reading. You will know where and
what to read as your area of concentration.

The past question manual will also help you get
familiar with questions that are usually repeated every year. One of the most
important reason why you must get the UNAB post-utme past question is that it
contain all the subjects you will be writing in the Post-utme screening. Your
JAMB subject combination is not the same with what you will be writing in
post-utme. by subject combination I mean the four subject you chose and wrote
in JAMB which include use of English and other three (3) subjects in your field
of study. So if you are thinking you are going to write the same subjects as
those you wrote in JAMB then you are wrong. All the subjects you will be
writing are in the post-utme past question. All the aspirants that did not get the
UNAB post-utme past question last year did not perform well because they did
not read the subjects they were suppose to read for the post-utme.
Research has shown that 90% of UNAB aspirants that
get the UNAB post-utme past question always perform well and score very high in
the post-utme screening, while those that did not get the post-utme
pastquestion score less. Most time they fail in the post-utme screening
exercise. For this reason the school authority and the UNAB post-utme committee
advice all aspirants to obtain the UNAB post-utme past questions and answer

the best thing that can happen to you now that will change your story is to
obtain the UNAB postutme past question manual and start reading ahead. Some of
you make the mistake of waiting for your friend, and sometimes you don’t see
the need to get the past question because none of your friends have gotten it
or none of them is talking about it. If your friend is not wise enough to think
og getting the post-utme past question you should be the first to make known to
them the need and importance of the postutme past question manual. You prepare
for JAMB with JAMB past question and that is why you were able to scale through
JAMB UTME. Same also is required for UNAB postutme.
 I am laying
more emphasis on getting the UNAB Postutme past question because I ask all the
aspirants that called me and those that were opportune to meet me to get the
past question last year, some obtain the past question while some thought I was

 As nature will have it, those that obtain the past question manual
performed very well and score high in the UNAB Post-utme screening and they
were all admitted into UNAB while those that took my advice for granted score
very low and didn’t make it through. They had to retake JAMB this year and as
you are reading this post they’ve already gotten the past question manual long
before now. They chose to learn the hard way. They spent their money energy and
time to come for the Post-UTME and at the end of the day they wasted all their
recourses as a result of negligence of instruction. I hope you will not fall
into the category of those that will fail this year because of negligence of
instruction? Wise people don’t always fall victim of negative circumstances
before they learn, they rather learn from people’s mistakes. You already know
what awaits those that are unwise and I believe that you know what to do at
this point. You should be the wise UNAB aspirants by getting the UNAB Post-UTME
past question manual now.

I remember three 3 years ago, an aspirant called and
ask me to brief him on UNAB Post-UTME and advice him on what to do. I explain
everything I’m explaining to you now to him and he went and inform his two
friends who were also UNAB aspirants of what I advice him to do. Alog the line
his two friend obtain the past question manual and he did not obtain the past
question for one reason or the other. They later came for the post-UTME
screening and at the end of the day his two friends score very high and they
were admitted into UNAB while his score couldn’t meet up the departmental cut
off mark. He re-sit for JAMB and ever since then his score has never been good
enough to write another post-UTME which means he hasn’t score up to 180 in

You may wonder why he did not get the UNAB Post-UTME
past question manual with his friend after giving them the information he got
from me. He knew that the only tool he need to pass the post-UTME was the past
question manual but he did not value it. I am also briefing you on the same
UNAB Post –UTME past question and everything you need to know for you to be
admitted into UNAB now. The one and only material I recommend for you is the
UNAB post-UTME past question manual. If you don’t get the UNAB Post-UTME past
question now because of one excuse or the other, you might not have the
opportunity to write another Post-UTME and posterity will keep hunting you. You
will find it difficult to forgive yourself because you have the opportunity now
and you decide to throw it away. This might be the only opportunity you have,
so use it wisely.
That is a very good question. There is this saying
that “what you don’t know is bigger than you” and this is true as it is also
applicable in your academic race. The experience you have and the examination
you are acquainted with is JAMB. You are familiar with JAMB and that is why you
can easily pass JAMB. On the other hand you are not familiar with UNAB
Post-UTME which makes the Post-UTME bigger than your capability. This is what I
mean; JAMB questions are set based on your secondary school curriculum. The
curriculum comprises of all the topics and sub-topics in each of the subjects
you wrote in JAMB. I am assuming that you’ve written and you score up to 180
and above. You are familiar with JAMB questions and the way the questions are
set. The questions are usually straight forward and concise, which makes it
easy to understand and also easy to pass.

UNAB Post-UTME is unlike JAMB. The questions are not
set based on your secondary school curriculum. UNAB as a tertiary institution
assumes that you are now an undergraduate(A 100 level student), they set the
questions in a manner that is very confusing and require your cognitive domain,
Affective Domain and Psychomotor Domain within the shortest period of time. The
cognitive domain refers to your ability to think fast and recall fast when you
are in the examination hall. The Affective domain involves your attitude
towards the examination, the subjects and the environment you find yourself. If
you are tensed it will affect you. You don’t have to be afraid of failing the
screening. You are expected to be calm and cool. The psychomotor domain refers
to your ability to write fast and calculate fast within the shortest period of
time. It requires your ability and skill to do some arithmetic with or without
a calculator perfectly.

The questions will look simple but difficult and the
options to the answers will be almost the same, making it very confusing. It
require your logical reasoning and mastery skill of the subject. That is why we
always say; UNAB Post-UTME is very easy to pass and very easy to fail because
if you are not sound In the three domains mentioned above you cannot pass UNAB
Post-UTME screening. The material you need to practices and prepare for the
UNAB Post-UTME screening is the UNAB Post-UTME past question.

Post-UTME past question is made up of all the subjects you will be writing in
the post-UTME screening. Most times the subject you write in JAMB will be
different from that of the post-utme. A lot of candidates have fall victim of
this particular issue because they were not opportune to have a copy of the
UNAB Post-UTME past questions and answer manual. When you get the past
questions you will be aware of the task ahead of you and know exactly what to
read and all the subjects you are to read.

question also serve as a brochure because it contains all the topics and
sub-topics of each of the subject you are writing in the post-UTME. Each
questions are selected from the various topic of the subject and with this in
mind you will know where to read, what to read and how to read.

IT HELPS YOU EVALUATE YOURSELF:  Having the UNAB Post-UTME past question help
you to evaluate yourself. Evaluation simply means to know the level of your
performance by what you score after attempting the questions provided in the
past question manual. When you attempt the questions provided in the past
question and score yourself at the end of the day will know your level of
performance after checking the answers. With this you will know if you will
perform well in the post-UTME or not and this will help you to devote more time
to read and prepare well enough before the post-UTME proper.

MOST OF THE QUESTIONS ARE REPEATED:  The aspect I love so much about the UNAB
post-UTME past question is that it will expose you to all the questions that
are always repeated almost every year. The only way to get familiar with these
questions is to get the past question and start reading ahead.
QUESTION ALWAYS PASS THE SCREENING: It may also shock you to know that
aspirants that have the UNAB post-UTME past questions always pass the post-UTME
screening. This is made possible because of the exposure they get from studying
the past question manual. They know how the questions are set and how to answer
the questions with time. They know the subjects to read and the topics to read
as well. The knowledge and ethics of UNAB post-UTME you learn from the past
question will make the screening very easy for you.

ALWAYS FAIL: Research has shown that most of the UNAB aspirants who does not
have the post-utme past question always fail year in, year out. This is as a
result of inability of the aspirants to comprehend the logic and manner of
which the questions are set. They are not familiar with the questions because
they don’t have the UNAB post-UTME past question manual.

CONFUSING:  One of the major reasons why
UNAB aspirants fail is that the post-UTME questions are always confusing such
that even when you know the right answer to a particular question, you become
so confuse of the one to chose out of the options you have because the options
are almost the same.  The questions are
difficult and very technical such that if you are not very careful you will
chose the wrong answer. Though the questions seem simple, but they are very
difficult. That is why we always say UNAB post-UTME is very easy to pass and
very easy to fail. It is easy for those who have the UNAB Post-UTME past question
manual, but difficult for those who does not have the past question.
I know you have been following my explanation and
guideline from the beginning to this point. The biggest mistake that most
aspirants make that lead to their failure in the post-UTME screening is that
they don’t get the UNAB post-UTME past question manual early. They
procrastinate and get the past question late. When they get it late they have
just limited time to glance through the pages without taking time to glance
through the pages for better understanding. Tell me, how will you read the past
question in a rush and expect to perform well in the post-UTME screening? It is
not possible. The quality of time you devote to studying the past question will
determine your performance in the screening. You are expected to have cover the
past question manual for at least three (3) times from the first page to the
last page before the exam. The right time and the best time to get the UNAB
post-UTME past question manual is now. If you procrastinate and decide to get
your copy later you are only doing yourself more harm.

If you must score very high in the post-UTME
screening and gain admission into UNAB this year, then it is a must you get the
past question today. Except you want to fail and retake JAMB next year, then
you can keep delaying to get it later. You can’t plant a seed of corn and
expect to harvest Rice. It is as simple as A.B.C. what you so is what you reap
and the way you lay your bed, the way you ……….. Complete the statement for me.
You have no excuse or whatsoever to delay you from getting the post-UTME past
question today. If you don’t have the money, ask from any of your family member
or relation to help with it, and if none of them can help go out there and look
for someone to borrow you the money. It’s just 1000 naira. I assure you that
you will forever be thankful to myschooladmission.com.ng for providing you with
UNAB post-UTME past question and answer manual.

Let me seize this opportunity to congratulate you in
advance and welcome you on campus. You are now a student of UNAB. Start acting
like one. Tell your parents/guardian and friends that you are now a student of
UNAB and start getting all the things you need for school this year. there is
no how you will get the UNAB post-UTME past question manual today and fail in
the screening exercise. The past question is your green card into UNAB. It is
your admission letter. It is all you need to gain admission into UNAB this
year. I rejoice and celebrate with you as you have found fulfillment in your
academic endeavor as you get the UNAB post-UTME today.
What are you still waiting for? Grab your pen and a
sheet of paper and copy pout the account detail below. The past question and
answer manual cost just one thousand naira (N1,000). When you gain admission
into UNAB, please don’t forget to call me to thank me. I know for sure that you
will be very glad you purchase the past question a few days from now.
For now the price is reduced to just
N1,000 (A thousand Naira). So you just have to hurry up and order for your copy
now before the price will return to the normal price of N2,500 from next week.


ACCOUNT NUMBER:         3081232304
BANK NAME:                      FIRSTBANK
ACCOUNT NAME:              U.   GODDAY
ACCOUNT NUMBER:         0015362606
BANK NAME:                      GTBANK
After payment, Send your Name, Your
phone number, Bank Teller Number, Your Course title ( I mean the department you
apply for), faculty, name of school, Your valid email address (e.g
yourname@yahoo.com) if you don’t have an email please indicate that you don’t
have so that I can create one for you. Where you are suppose to put your email
address just put “NO EMAIL” to the number below

09098005045 and 07015779114

After receiving your message and
your payment is confirmed the past question will be sent to your email within
24 hours. And if you don’t have a valid email address we will create one for
you and send you the email address and password via text message so that you
can access your purchased manual.

If you know that you are not ready to get the past
question now please don’t border to send your detail. After sending your
detail, call the numbers above for further assistance. 
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To your academic success.

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